Gabriella Pinchera

2008 Dedication Award - Toronto

Downsview Services to Seniors

Nominator Comments:

Gabriella has been a strong, dedicated and committed supervisor to a team of Personal Support Workers (PSWs). She is patient, understanding and loyal to clients and her staff. She has worked tirelessly over the last 19 years to ensure that the PSWs get properly trained and that they work in a fair and safe environment.

To quote her nominators, “It is a privilege to work with Gabriella and her compassion and caring attitude towards her clients is unbelievable. Her patience and kindness towards those she provides care to and works with is evident each day here at Downsview Services to Seniors. She also treats each and every co-worker with respect and encourages us all to do our best and to provide the best quality care and service to our clients. It is not difficult to be inspired by her as she definitely sets the example through her own actions. What a classy lady, great colleague, great mentor – truly an inspiration in the community services sector. I know I am a better person for just knowing Gabriella Pinchera.”

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