Gillian Morrissey

2023 Invisible Champion Award - Nova Scotia/Halifax

Nominator Comments:

Gillian is a true champion of The John Howard Society of Nova Scotia and does a lot with a little. Through dedication and passion, she pours her heart into planning, organizing, and delivering Anger Management and Healthy Relation Programs to support members of our community, specific to those involved in the criminal justice system. Even when faced with limited resources she excels. Her programming goes beyond surface-level connections and instead focuses on building deep, personal relationships with participants, helping them achieve their goals and creating a culture of inclusion and respect. At the core of Gillian’s work is a deep commitment to social justice and a comprehensive understanding of the complex and multifaceted nature of crime and its causes. She is empathetic towards those impacted by crime and works tirelessly to address systemic issues that contribute to crime, striving towards a more just and equitable society. One of the ways Gillian shows her leadership qualities is through her commitment to building relationships. She takes the time to assess the needs of others and understand their unique circumstances and challenges. She actively listens, shows empathy, and is responsive to their needs, which has helped to establish a foundation of trust and open communication that is essential to providing exceptional service. Gillian is also an expert in advocating for clients and ensuring that their needs are being met. She works tirelessly to help resolve conflicts, advocate for policy changes, and ensure that clients are treated fairly. Additionally, she is deeply committed to social justice and has a deep understanding of the complex and multifaceted nature of crime and its causes. This dedication has led her to work hard towards a more just and equitable society.

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