Gina Jones-Wilson

Gina Jones-Wilson

2020 Invisible Champion Award - Nova Scotia/Halifax


Upper Hammonds Plains Community Development Association

Nominator Comments:

Gina’s work is extraordinary because it has impacted a whole community. Many have gained in their personal lives because of her commitment to making our lives better. Gina has a very special relationship with the youth, most calling her Ms. G, often coming to her for advice or just to chat. Gina’s passion for her community is endless

Being a smaller African Nova Scotian Community on the outskirts of Halifax we are often overlooked when it comes to programs like they have for inter-city youth and the other larger communities. We do not have access to recreational activities (i.e. rec center; in-door basketball courts; soccer; swimming pools). Gina made it her mission to provide in-house programs and activities that are essential to the very fabric of our community and residents. Providing adequate educational programming has helped our youth with the achievement gap in Black Learners. The community has seen substantial growth in the number of our youth graduating from post-secondary education.

Over the years she has helped accomplish many things in our community including such things as affordable summer day camps, renovations to our community center, fundraising for programs & activities for our youth and seniors. Liaising between the community and HRM and Provincial Government Departments regarding programs & activities in area such as housing, health and education. Lack of public transit makes it very hard for our residents to get to outside activities and programs She often quotes my heart has a special spot for seniors (the backbone of the community) and the youth (the future of the community) from one I often get my advice and guidance and the other I get to mentor and hopefully make an impact on them that they will in turn pass it on and make life better for someone else.

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