Greg Martell

Greg Martell

2022 Invisible Champion Award - Nova Scotia/Halifax

Souls Harbour Rescue Mission

Nominator Comments:

Souls Harbour was determined to never close their doors to those in need during the pandemic. During a time when many were nervous to be around people, Greg served hundreds a day – he took all necessary precautions but continued to serve. For many people, Greg was the only person they continued to have contact with on a daily basis. This was a season where loneliness abounded, and Greg’s actions had a huge impact on those struggling.

Souls Harbour mandate is to rescue people from poverty, addiction, and despair by offering emergency help such as food, clothing & shelter, life changing recovery programs and a message of hope

We call Greg our “Chief Thankfulness Officer” because he continually shares a spirit of thankfulness around here. His positive, cheerful demeanor has a huge impact on those around him – on our staff, on our volunteers, and on our guests. He has become well known in the homeless community as someone who truly cares and shows compassion. When we have posted about him on our Facebook page, we were flooded with comments from staff, volunteers, and guests who love him and have been impacted by his smile, his generosity, and his love for those around him.

His title says it all: Greg’s positive attitude and cheerful demeanor have a huge impact on everyone at Soul’s Harbour. He never misses work, even when the weather is poor, and he is committed to treating the people he serves with dignity and respect. He helped people feel a little less lonely and did whatever he could to meet other needs that they might have. Greg is very well loved and typically would not be the kind of person to seek out recognition – truly an invisible champion.

(These excerpts have been taken from the Nominators’ writeups.)

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