Halifax Refugee Clinic Association

Halifax Refugee Clinic Association

2020 Invisible Champion (C) Award - Nova Scotia/Halifax

Nominator Comments:

For 20 years and counting, the staff and volunteer team of the Halifax Refugee Clinic has never wavered in their commitment to welcoming refugee claimants and non-status migrants as valued, respected, and full members of our community. Individuals and families from over 60 countries, who speak as many languages, would have few options for English language learning opportunities if it wasn’t for barrier-free English classes offered by the Halifax Refugee Clinic. During the COVID-19 pandemic, language learning and conversation groups have moved to a virtual learning platform to ensure that learning goals are not interrupted and that people aren’t further isolated. The no-cost legal services available to clients of the Halifax Refugee Clinic are made possible by expert in-house staff, supported by local lawyers who give their time pro bono to represent refugee claimants at their hearings. If not for this organization and its volunteer’s people fleeing persecution would not be able to access these life-saving and life-changing services. The Clinic also has an impressive refugee hearing preparation program and offers student placement opportunities for law students. The outcomes are remarkable, the Clinic is a national leader in securing positive decisions for clients, meaning that people are able to stay in safety in Canada, rebuilding their lives here, and strengthening communities in the process. The Settlement team at the Halifax Refugee Clinic supports individuals and families with all aspects of navigating their new life in our community including finding housing, enrolling in schools, applying for work permits, seeking volunteer and work opportunities, accessing medical care

.In the words of a recent client, ” I want people to know about the Halifax Refugee Clinic because they are doing good things- not just for refugee claimants like me and my family. They all work hard to support people like me so that we can live normal lives free from violence and work and study like anybody else. Thank you Halifax Refugee Clinic!”.

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