Hazel Webb

Hazel Webb

2009 Dedication Award - Toronto

Community MicroSkills Development Centre

Nominator Comments:

As the director of Community Programs and Services, Hazel Webb has truly been the key player in the success of the Community MicroSkills Development Centre. She has been a dedicated employee at MicroSklls since it opened in 1984. Over the years, Hazel has taken on various roles such as trainer, fundraiser, business developer and was an important contributer to Community Programs. She has participated in and has been chair for a number of community committees and boards including the City of Toronto Advisory committee on Access and the Equity and Human Rights committee.

To quote her nominators: “Hazel is a strong community advocate; her tireless hours of work and dedication are a true testament to the services MicroSkills presently offers to the community. Microskills’ resilience and pioneering capabilities have been forged due to her innovative thinking and true commitment to addressing community needs. Hazel’s dedication and committment comes from deep within and she genuinely cares.”

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