Helga Sirola

Helga Sirola

2013 Leadership Award - York Region

Learning Disabilities Association of York Region

Nominator Comments:

Helga joined the LDAYR in June 2008. As the Community Development and Volunteer Coordinator, she is responsible for the implementation and management of our Tutor/Volunteer program and services, further assisting the Executive Director with managerial duties. Helga also plays a role in strategic planning for the agency and is currently coordinating special events and grant development. On a daily basis Helga oversees field practicum students and provides support on HR functions for the agency.

Helga has an inspiring leadership style as she is always striving to ensure the wellbeing and empowerment of her clients, staff, practicum students, and volunteers. Helga is adept in empowering others to use their full potential, especially when it comes to her clients and volunteers enrolled in the Tutor program.

Helga has often demonstrated her capabilities in developing strong relationships through her perseverance and commitment to excellence. She works both in the community and within the agency developing lasting partnerships and relationships.

Helga works to ensure ‘diversity and inclusivity’ are both integral parts of everything she does for her clients. Many times she has parents that cannot speak English coming to her for a volunteer tutor for their children.

Helga is a source of inspiration through her exemplary character and determination for a more efficient, effective, and cohesive team unit at the LDAYR. She is very innovative when change is necessary and always looks for ways to increase productivity.

Here at the LDAYR our mission is to provide leadership in Learning Disabilities and ADHD, advocacy, research, education and services to advance the full participation of children, youth and adults with Learning Disabilities. With Helga leading our team we are always confident that the programs and services we offer the community is for the greater good… in fact, we strongly believe: Learning Disabilities are complicated… Helping isn’t.

On top of Helga’s daily duties with the Tutor Program, she also facilitates the Fundraising Committee and works vigorously to ensure any new ideas are implemented if possible. Her tireless efforts in organizing fundraising initiative for our association have come a long way and would not be possible without her guidance and strategic planning.

For these reasons we choose to nominate Helga as she is a very trustworthy and committed individual with leadership qualities that can lead staff, practicum students, and volunteers towards achieving their own excellence.

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