Hiroko Nakao

Hiroko Nakao

2023 Partnership, Collaboration & Connection Award - Calgary

Financial Empowerment Manager


Nominator Comments:

Hiroko has been working in the Financial Empowerment department at Momentum for 10 years, focused largely on helping the most marginalized participants gain the knowledge, skills, and confidence they need to better manage their finances. Hiroko’s work in the Money Matters program was based in the mental health and addictions sector, where participants with those challenges are supported to take greater control of their money.

Hiroko is inspirational; her humble approach to her work with participants and professionals make her a safe place to take risks. Hiroko has always been about making a bigger impact, with the participant at the center. She believes that everyone deserves to be hopeful about their future and that by bringing together the mental health and addictions sector and the financial empowerment sector, the most marginalized Calgarians now have access to programming and supports that can give them hope for their future. In Hiroko’s progression from front-line facilitator to department manager, she’s demonstrated a strong work ethic, a strong commitment to poverty reduction, and an understanding that taking a systems approach to the work is the only way to make big impacts.

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