Jamestown-Mount Olive-Silverstone Youth Outreach Team

2008 Team Achievement Award - Toronto

Yorktown Child and Family Centre

Nominator Comments:

The Jamestown-Mount Olive-Silverstone Youth Outreach Team of Yorktown Child and Family Centre has the responsibility to connect to families and youth in Rexdale, as well as promote community development. Together they demonstrate exemplary commitment to creating positive social change. The team members: Derick, Abokor and Ali are amazing individuals with boundless energy and ideas. They work as one, molding themselves to each other to enhance their effectiveness.

To quote their nominators, “One of their triumphs is in working with community partners to organize and prepare youth for job fairs and other employment opportunities within the Rexdale community. They have been successful in creating dialogue among several employment agencies in the community, and in an effort to better prepare youth for employment, hosted a series of successful workshops. Their multi-pronged approach is based on the concept that young people, with help from adult allies, have the power to change their world.”

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