Jane Wilson

Jane Wilson

2009 Leadership Award - Toronto

Community MicroSkills Development Centre

Nominator Comments:

Jane has been with Community MicroSkills Development Centre since 1984 and has had many great achievements over the years. She is dedicated to improving women’s lives while empowering them to reach higher. Jane is an advocate for women and women’s issues especially for women living in poverty. Under her leadership two very distinct and reputable programs were established at Microskills: The ‘Pre-apprenticeship Horticultural Technician program’ and the ‘Women in Transportation program’. She has also helped to guide the recent introduction of the Toastmaster Club – a forum where women and newcomers can enhance their leadership potential.

To quote her nominators: “Jane has demonstrated unwavering commitment to the social justice goals of the organization. She has contributed above and beyond the call of duty; she has always been astute in looking at the big picture and because of it has promoted increased representation of women leaders in society”

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