Jarah Gregory

Jarah Gregory

2024 Invisible Champion Award - Nova Scotia/Halifax

Executive Director

Couch of Hope, Dartmouth

Nominator Comments:

Nominated by 2 people that work at Couch of Hope: Jarah exemplifies doing a lot with a little. Couch ofHope is a grassroots organization still propelled by determination andcommitment to our mission. Jarah has been an integral part of our continuedexistence and crafting Couch of Hope into what it can be today. Despite limitedfunding, Jarah has increased our program to four times the size it was when she started. The team of interns has expanded from 2 at a time to 12. Our services have been expanded to three satellite offices to better serve clients directly in their communities. Even with all this work, Jarah makes sure that her front-line work remains a priority. Despite carrying the running of the organization on her shoulders, she makes sure each intern feels cared for and heard. Participated in or led a new strategic partnership/collaboration between individuals and/or nonprofit organizations Jarah keenly keeps in mind the needs of our clients and the programs that will most benefit them, while balancing the needs of the interns who rely on Jarah to help them through their internships. A barrier to receiving counselling services is access to reasonable transportation into the clinic. Because of this, and a desire to strengthen communities from the inside, Jarah has collaborated with several non-profit organizations to allow for satellite offices to be created. This program has allowed us to expand into Spryfield, further in Dartmouth, and to Truro.

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