Jessie Dale receiving Bhayana award.

Jessie Dale

2019 Dedication Award - Nova Scotia/Halifax


Mobile Food Market

Nominator Comments:

Jessie Dale is coordinator of the Mobile Food Market, which brings healthy, high quality, affordable foods to Halifax neighbourhoods with food access issues. When she discovered that some seniors could not make the short trip to the Titus Park summer market, Jessie hopped into action and wrote her first ever grant to secure funds to make home delivery possible.

Running the home delivery program depended on finding community volunteers to phone the seniors each week to take their personalized orders. Jessie spotted the opportunity to engage newcomer youth through a partnership with the YMCA. The youth gain customer service experience, skill building, and a connection to community life through intergenerational exchange. Jessie also secured grant funding to provide the youth with honorariums for their participation.

All this while lifting and sorting 50-pound bags of produce week after week!

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