Joanne Green

Joanne Green

2009 Innovation Award - Toronto

Opportunity for Advancement

Nominator Comments:

In her role as executive director, Joanne has accomplished a great deal while working at Opportunity for Advancement. She is a great innovator – creating a program to focus on the recovery and prevention of violence against women. She assists women and empowers them to prevent the violence in their lives and helps them recover from it. Joanne has met with women directly affected by violence, listened to their concerns and initiated a program solely meant to address those concerns. The results were tremendous – with women getting the courage to leave their abusive situations and protect themselves and their children from further violence.

To quote her nominators: “Joanne represents the new ways we sought to address the deep issues of violence against women and trans-gendered people. Joanne always starts from ‘yes’ we can do this, we can help. Tell us what you need.”

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