Joy Power

Joy Power

2024 Invisible Champion Award - Nova Scotia/Halifax

GED Teacher

Valley Communication Learning Association

Nominator Comments:

Joy Power is fiercely dedicated to the success of our adult learners. She has been called a mother hen and is always there for her students. This means that she goes beyond to support them. Over her 29 years of service, Joy often meets with her students at 7am on the day of a test to help them review the materials and to remind them of their potential. Joy has helped students get away from abusive relationships – providing emotional support as well as a moving truck. One of her first learners recalls how after obtaining her GED with Joy’s support, she went on to apprentice to become a Red Seal electrician. This student failed her Red Seal written test 2 times. By her third trial, she could bring in someone to help her with her test anxiety, and Joy went with her! Joy is well known in the offices of our local MP and MLA where she makes regular visits to advocate for the needs of her learners, whether it be obtaining disability pensions, sorting employment insurance issues and many other concerns. She also advocates for people to receive appropriate mental health support. On numerous occasions in her career, Joy has navigated our complex legal system and has helped many people in our programs obtain pardons so that they could move on, regain their dignity, and obtain gainful employment. Joy is our most senior staff, and her dedication has inspired many of us to never give up and to keep trying to find solutions even for the most desperate situations.

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