Julian Carvajal

Julian Carvajal

2019 Partnership Award - Greater Toronto

Special Projects Manager

Art Starts

Nominator Comments:

Julian promotes and celebrates diversity daily at Art Starts. He is deeply committed to social justice and recognizes that to have the deepest impact on our communities, he needs the best possible support and expertise.

Partnerships are central to Julian’s work. Art Starts says that each new partnership Julian brings to the table deepens their understanding of what equitability and support really mean for different populations.

Thanks to Julian’s partnership with the Native Canadian Centre of Toronto, Art Starts is committed to the Truth and Reconciliation Committee’s Call to Action, which has informed many of the agency’s programs and events. Julian also developed a relationship with the AGO, introducing the gallery to the barriers to access faced by the populations Arts Starts serves, particularly youth living in social housing, and artists who are newcomers and/or refugees.

Every partnership Julian develops is mutually beneficial, ever growing and with an eye toward long-term sustainability. Whether he is reaching out to small, grassroots groups like Krafty Queers, or large institutions like the AGO, Julian’s partnerships are deep, lasting and wholehearted.

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