Julie Slen

2023 Invisible Champion Award - Nova Scotia/Halifax

Nominator Comments:

Julie Slen is the face of the new housing hub located in the north end of Halifax. The hub provides services to people who are experiencing homelessness, providing a variety of supports that meet the needs of some of our communities most vulnerable unhoused neighbours. The hub started as a small pilot project and under the leadership of Julie Slen, it is now a thriving services, supporting hundreds of unhoused people weekly and in need of expansion. She has developed a community of support that is needed now more than ever. Julie Slen is adored and respected by her clients, community partners, colleagues and staff. She embodies the meaning of client centred care, making meaningful connections with service users and always striving to meet their needs. She takes the time to build relationship with clients, to really listen to them and build strong connections with them with the ultimate goal of providing excellent services and ensuring that they are connected with the resources they need. Julie’s clients always come first. If you need housing, you go to Julie Slen. She is deeply committed to their mandate at Shelter Nova Scotia and has helped to secure housing for thousands of people throughout her long career with this organization. She dedicates time to building relationships with landlords, so that her clients can access housing. She is always going above and beyond, helping others in the community in their work to house people. Julie is considered a leader, and expert and is relied upon by many colleagues, services providers, government employees, friends and allies.

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