Kaleigh Smith

Kaleigh Smith

2022 Invisible Champion Award - Nova Scotia/Halifax

Elizabeth Fry Foundation of Mainland Nova Scotia

Nominator Comments:

Kaleigh runs the Abundance program at the Elizabeth Fry Society in Mainland Nova Scotia. This program has flourished since. Kaleigh has joined the organization. She quickly moved into a leadership position as her desire to serve was obviously noted by her superiors. The Abundance Program is designed to meet the needs of marginalized and vulnerable individuals as they move towards economic well-being.

Does “a lot with a little” could be Kaleigh’s motto. Kaleigh continuously uses her creativity to provide better services for the women she serves despite having limited funds to back up the essential programs she runs. For three years Kaleigh has organized a Christmas craft fair where the participants get to tap into their own creativity and take initiative into raising funds for their Abundance program. This program provides participants with the information and tools needed to build confidence to prepare for the next steps in their employment and educational journeys. This fair has continued to develop over the years,

participants themselves now support the organization of it in addition to creating and gathering items to be sold at the craft fair-which in itself provides an opportunity for personal development and pre-employment skill development

Kaleigh continues to advocate for systemic change and inspires those around her. She supports many young women through housing supports, comprehensive programming initiatives and justice system reform.  Kaleigh has advocated to other health care professionals to ensure the women that she works with are always treated with respect and dignity when accessing these resources.

(These excerpts have been taken from the Nominators’ writeups.)

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