Kalvinder Kular

Kalvinder Kular

2017 Innovation Award - Lower Mainland

Collingwood Neighbourhood House

Nominator Comments:

Kalvinder is so very deserving of the Innovation Award. She has been able to use her genius with interior design to innovate Early Childhood Education practice at Collingwood Early Learning and Care. Kai has not only redesigned the child care program she manages, but also has shared her aesthetic eye with other child care programs. She has made the child care programs beautiful for children to enjoy.

Kai’s other innovative strength was demonstrated when she offered an evening of play for parents and educators at the Neighbourhood House. Kai and her helpers transformed the gymnasium into a beautiful and inspiring place for parents to experience play with a variety of art materials, in order to experience what their children do in a child care program on a daily basis.

The feedback from parents was amazing; they said they played, painted, drew, built, and engaged like they hadn’t done for years. Kai innovated how parents understand and experience child care. This changed how parents respect the work of children’s play, and also gave her colleagues inspiration on how to think about the aesthetic of play in their programs. Kai’s contribution to the quality of care in our organization, her impact on the lives of children and families, and her inspiration for her colleagues is wonderfully innovative and long-lasting! We do hope you recognize Kalvinder with the prestigious award for her personal commitment, her professional expertise, and her generosity in sharing.

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