Kari Plaggenborg receiving Bhayana award.

Kari Plaggenborg

2019 Dedication Award - Nova Scotia/Halifax

Senior Session Leader

The Club Inclusion

Nominator Comments:

In the words of her award nominator, “Kari makes you feel like you are never a problem, it’s never a burden, and she absolutely will do whatever she can for you.”

Kari has been a volunteer and a staff member at The Club Inclusion where she leads programs that are inclusive, safe and joyful for people with a wide range of abilities and life experiences.

She always contributes creative ideas, such as an arts program that included people who have very limited motor skills, those who don’t use language to communicate, and people with different attention spans and understanding.

She has incredible professionalism and takes great care to give individual attention to members of The Club. Whether respectfully supporting someone with their personal care needs, leading a group discussion, training staff, or running a nutrition program, Kari ensures everyone is included. She has helped The Club Inclusion become what it is today.

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