Kerrielynn Johnston

Kerrielynn Johnston

2024 Invisible Champion Award - Nova Scotia/Halifax

Community Family Peer Support Network Coordinator

Preston Area Food Hub Network

Nominator Comments:

Kerrielynn ensures participants are not faced with barriers. When two participants were not present at a few scheduled activities. Kerrielynn called both participants to check in and determine if everything was okay. Kerrielynn managed to alleviate the barrier that was preventing both residents from participating. The following session, both residents returned to scheduled program offerings with ease. This is how you do relatable work in the community! Know who you are serving and when they may in fact require an extra boost. Lake Loon Cherry Brook Development Association has partnered with Kerrielynn on events held with our recreation committee and social groups. Kerrielynn shared with our organization on numerous occasions that she loves to collaborate because it brings forth opportunities of social learning, shared funding, and shared experiences. Within these experiences to collaborate, Kerrielynn makes the budget stretch, which then enhances families and community.

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