Kevin Little receives Bhayana award.

Kevin Little

2019 Dedication Award - Nova Scotia/Halifax

Community Organizer

The Public Good Society

Nominator Comments:

In his ten years as Community Outreach Facilitator with the Public Good Society of Dartmouth, Kevin has assisted more than 1,900 clients by connecting them with services they need to better their lives.

There are few people in downtown and north end Dartmouth who do not know him. A valued, collaborative community partner, Kevin receives calls from 211, DCS caseworkers and other non-profit staff regarding their client needs. His monthly reports are meticulous, capturing detailed data that demonstrates the impact of his work.

There is no day or time that Kevin won’t take a call from a person in need, and he always finds a way to help. He meets people wherever they are in community, wherever they feel comfortable to have a conversation. Kevin develops trusting, lasting relationships as people work toward finding employment. Individuals who felt disempowered begin to feel a sense of confidence and productivity again.

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