Letecia Rose

Letecia Rose

2013 Innovation Award - Toronto

Nia Centre for the Arts 

Nominator Comments:

Letecia is recognized for introducing the Art of Facilitation program at Nia Centre for the Arts to improve service to their target group. This program created a citywide network of 33 Artist Facilitators with specific training to holistically support healthy identity development of young people. Graduates of the Art of Facilitation program have taken the facilitation skills learned at Nia Centre and worked in 8 of the 13 priority neighbourhoods. The program reached more than 7,900 young people in an estimated 528 workshops, classes and programs. They continue to be highly motivated dynamic artists that have taken the anti-oppression and equity skills they learned to share the Centre’s arts engagement tactics.

Letecia developed an integrated approach in programming that both increased the number of participants while specializing the focus of each program and thus delivering greater impact for all the artists and community members involved. She has tripled Nia Centre’s programs, significantly increasing program participation by more than 300 percent.

To quote a Program Participant: “I am grateful for the experience and if this is my testimonial, then I can honestly say that every artist seeking to transform their art into a facilitating career needs to attend this workshop.”

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