Lillian Munroe

Lillian Munroe

2017 Dedication Award - Nova Scotia/Halifax

Boys & Girls Clubs of Greater Halifax

Nominator Comments:

There are so many samples and Lillian could fit into them all up above but I have chosen three to speak on. Lillian has been a steadfast employee for over 30 years and has missed less than 10 days sick time since starting over 30 years ago. This time was because her husband had a heart attack. She is loyal and offers help to anyone from any of the clubs; she gets the job done without complaining or asking why. She sees something that needs to be done and does it. She has 30 years of club knowledge in her head and is the go to person at the club. Lillian is one of the most humble people I know and is always there for a child, parent or staff. She has wisdom, graciousness and a heart of gold. She is one in a million and is loved by kids, youth, families and the community. She is there for every fundraising event, staff event, and community event and offers her support, time and unwavering commitment to the “Club Family”. 5. Optional: Share any additional comments you would like to offer to support this nomination. Lillian has been with our club for over 30 years and has done just about every job you can think of. She is a wealth of information, support, full of suggestions; great at calming people down is very humble. The conversations in how to rectify or support kids and families are always a topic at the lunch table and out of the chaos you will hear Lillian say well we can try this, or go there for this etc. Then we all look and will say we should have asked Lillian first. Lillian has the history of our club in her heart and in her head. She is a great role model and advocate for our children, clubs, families and community. We would be lost without her and her wisdom and compassion.  

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