Lisa Marie Snyder

Lisa Marie Snyder

2023 Invisible Champion Award - Nova Scotia/Halifax

Nominator Comments:

Lisa consistently goes the extra mile to help women she is helping. She is personable, empathetic, approachable, dependable, positive attitude, provides service in a timely manner, superb communications and problem solving skills, provides a safe, supportive and friendly environment to meet. She works with women who face multiple complex social and health matters, such as inadequate housing, poverty, domestic and sexual violence, unemployment etc. Lisa takes the time on such complex matters to build trust and rapport which is essential for the woman to feel comfortable sharing personal information and experiences especially in small rural communities where we are located. Lisa is always great in finding ways to contribute creative ideas and solutions. She does this on several levels. At times as a team here at LEA Place staff will gather to explore ideas as before we solve the issue we need to fully understand the issue we are trying to solve. This is very helpful. Lisa is great in leading a discussion where we can all contribute for the common good. Given time, Lisa will often engage in her own research to find solutions. This may be through the internet, articles, or having a discussion with others who may be dealing with similar challenges. Lisa always puts the individual she is working with at the centre of her solutions and is mindful that they are the experts of the lives and she is the vehicle that may be able to provide some clarity or possible solutions to the issues impacting their well being. Lisa’s work requires her to advocate on behalf of the women she sees. She has made many connections everywhere and is very good at connecting people with resources. She is often the first person people go to in our community for information and system navigation. One example, although there are many every day, was when Lisa was working with an elderly couple who lived in deep poverty. It was late November and the couple had no power, minimal money for food, lost their phone and no car insurance, no indoor plumbing of any sorts and was isolated from others. In the short term Lisa, while she advocated with NS Power, she was able to connect with community resources to get fire wood delivered, piled and covered from the snow, bags of clothes taken to get laundered, a portable toilet delivered, water and food supplied, minutes purchased for phone, and community members who came in and helped with household organization. Lisa persistence in her advocacy, instills in others a desire to help and therefore we can collectively work towards common goals.

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