Lori MacLead

Lori MacLead

2022 Leadership Award - Greater Toronto

Yellow Brick House

Nominator Comments:

Lori began her journey with Yellow Brick House as a volunteer and since joining their staff team over a decade ago, she has managed the properties at three locations, ensuring the grass gets cut, the plumbing works, security cameras are running, walls are repaired and painted, furniture is moved, and appliances are repaired. Lori builds and maintains strong relationships with  volunteers, ensures clients receive clothing from our warehouse inventory, and donations of food and toys are sorted, stored, and distributed. This spring, she was instrumental in having a garden planted at one of the shelters, and now the shelter cook has fresh herbs and vegetables to use in meal preparations.

Throughout the pandemic, Lori was the primary contact with general contractors to oversee major renovations to both shelters as the space was reconfigured to accommodate Public Health physical distancing requirements. This contribution was instrumental in allowing Yellow Brick House to remain open to clients when some other shelters were closing their doors. Throughout the chaos that sometimes occurs, Lori always has a positive attitude and is willing to assist wherever and whenever she sees a need.

Lori is selfless, empathetic and gives her whole heart with what she does to help so many women and children improve their lives. Lori inspires everyone around her to do more, try harder, be better and that is a gift that helps us be the leaders in our fight against violence against women and children.

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