Marc Tremblay

Marc Tremblay

2013 Partnership Award - Toronto

Tropicana Community Services Organization

Nominator Comments:

Marc has been instrumental in developing partnerships with leading corporations in order to provide youth-at-risk with meaningful internship and job placements. He has dedicated his time and effort in meeting with reputable business owners to hire young people into entry level positions within the autobody field. He has built a strong relationship with the autobody industry and has gained respect for his work.

Marc selects youth into the pre-apprenticeship program seeing potential in each and every one of them and taking his time to talk to each candidate. He understands that if the candidates graduate successfully from the program they can improve their lives. Marc goes the extra mile to encourage his students to prosper in the program and ensures that they will not give up this opportunity so easily. In 2012, his work resulted in 70% of the youth completing the program.

To quote his nominators: “To Marc, this isn’t just his “job” but more of a platform to motivate and inspire his students to reach their full potential. He goes out and beyond for his students to succeed. Their success is his success.”

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