Marcel Visser

Marcel Visser

2024 Invisible Champion Award - Nova Scotia/Halifax

Program Assistant

L’Arche Cape Breton Community

Nominator Comments:

Marcel provides an excellent service to people with intellectual disabilities in our Garden Program. He is responsible for providing personal care to people with intellectual disabilities but goes beyond this. He also ensures that each member of the program has meaningful work and activities. He works hard on knowing each person, discovering their gifts and helping them develop. Each member looks forward to the end of the day feeling fulfilled. Marcel is more than just a care provider. It is also important for him to deepen relationships and make sure that they are heard and seen. Marcel is a champion of inclusion and accessibility. In the program, he ensures that each member has something they can engaged in MEANINGFULLY and that they contribute to the overall goal of the program. When we are building a new place for our Garden Program, Marcel advocated for every corner of the building to be fully accessible so that someone in a wheelchair can wash harvested vegetables at an accessible level, use the bathrooms with ease, move around the building safely for those with mobility issues. He also ensures that whatever the program plants and sells, that each member of the program has a voice.

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