Marg MacIntosh

Marg MacIntosh

2022 Invisible Champion Award - Nova Scotia/Halifax

CHAD Transit

Nominator Comments:

Pictou County Transit (PCT), a fixed route bus service, was launched on May 17th, 2021. She is compassionate and caring with the individuals who use the service who often come from a vulnerable background. Marg was instrumental in the planning and development of PCT. She helped develop the route itself, the fare rate, advertising opportunities with PCT, and much more. Once PCT launched, Marg was/is the main point of contact for the public. Marg is the Office Coordinator who went above and beyond by obtaining her class 4 license so she can fill in if a driver is unable to work, ensuring no disruption to service. Her flexibility within the organization provides a lot of benefits to PCT and our valued clients. It would not have launched successfully without her contributions. Her ideas led to the creation of the “Inclusion Bus”-well received by the community.

The people of Pictou County have better transportation solutions available to them because of Marg MacIntosh. For example, the Sunday Drives program for seniors. The United Way provides the funding, and Marg ensures seniors vulnerable to social isolation are contacted and offered the opportunity to enjoy a few hours of sight seeing and interaction with fellow seniors. We receive glowing reports on the positive impact the Sunday Drives program has on the overall health of the seniors who take advantage of the opportunity.

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