Marianna Piwoni

Marianna Piwoni

2009 Dedication Award - Toronto

Circle of Care

Nominator Comments:

Marianna Piwoni is the senior coordinator for Circle of Care. She is devoted to the agency, knowledgeable in her role and has 20 years in the field under her belt. She is creative in building good plans and realistic approaches to make Circle of Care more efficient. Marianna is able to deal with problems with her usual calm manner and a touch of good humour. Her advice is offered tactfully and she is always able to deliver difficult news with calm respectfulness.

To quote her nominators: “Marianna encourages us to make our clients happier and confident. With her help we ensure clients have guaranteed service with the best quality every day. Marianna works hard and makes us work better. She is always there to catch us when we are in danger of falling and offers congratulations for a job well done. Marianna has taught us all to believe that we are all valuable members of our community and that we can truly make a difference!”

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