Mhairi Campbell

Mhairi Campbell

2017 Dedication Award - Lower Mainland

West End Seniors' Society

Nominator Comments:

Mhairi Campbell is an exemplary employee who has demonstrated incredible dedication to our organization. Mhairi started as our Manager of Volunteer Resources and Community Services in February 2014. In this role, she was responsible for recruiting, screening, orienting, training, retaining and recognizing our team of 230 volunteers across our three locations, and updating our volunteer policies and procedures. She was also responsible for managing our Life Unlimited suite of services for over 150 homebound older adults, including friendly visiting, daily calling, grocery shopping by phone, and accompaniment to medical appointments. Under her supervision, both of these areas of focus flourished. Volunteers speak very highly of her and she has developed strong relationships with external stakeholders including Vancouver Coastal Health.

Since September 2015, Mhairl has been the Manager of Programs. She has excelled In this capacity as well. She has rolled out new social, recreational and educational programs. l cannot count the number of members who expressed to me personally their appreciation at having such an approachable and competent person in this role. She embodies our vision of supporting older adults to live involved, vibrant and fulfilling lives.

Mhairi is currently leading our Moving Towards Health project. She has demonstrated unwavering commitment to our organization and what we are trying to achieve. She is always able to make time for committees and special requests without impacting the quality of the rest of her work. She is highly professional and her performance always exceeds expectations.
In many ways, she Is the glue that keeps our organization running smoothly. She is well respected by and supportive of all of her co-workers, and her smile and positive attitude help keep team spirits up in the face of any challenge. She is a leader who goes above and beyond every day for this organization and its members, volunteers and clients, and I hope to continue working with her for years to come.

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