Michael P. Nevin

Michael P. Nevin

2013 Dedication Award - Toronto

FoodShare Toronto

Nominator Comments:

Mike is recognized for his unwavering commitment to his work at FoodShare Toronto. He is dedicated to creating innovative methods that can be modeled, replicated, and that are community-based in nature. He is seen as a living example of the environmental call to “think globally and act locally”, by grounding his environmental activism in his neighborhood, workplace and city.

One of Mike’s most impressive initiatives is the set-up and operation of the mid-scale, all-season composting facility at FoodShare. It functions as an incredible composting system that composts about 2,000 pounds of kitchen organic materials per month; produces 12,000 pounds of rich vermi-compost per year; and diverts 24,000 pounds of organic materials from going into landfill sites. He has made FoodShare’s system into a training ground and teaches the art of composting to individuals and community groups across Toronto.

To quote his nominators: “Mike Nevin is a remarkable force of nature – for over 30 years, he has been and continues to be a tireless environmental champion who does, teaches and inspires through his extraordinary determination to significantly reduce waste, pollution and to turn “trash into treasure” – valuable, nutrient rich soil, i.e. compost, throughout the City of Toronto.”

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