Michele Chai

2008 Innovation Award - Toronto

Planned Parenthood Toronto

Nominator Comments:

As a community health promoter, Michele presents external workshops on healthy sexuality to diverse communities of youth. She developed the Bust Tha Myth workshops – engaging young men on topics that interest them (like basketball, music, video games, etc.) and then discussing healthy relationships, male roles and masculinity, HIV, sexually transmitted infections, safer sex, and homophobia – all intended to enhance their knowledge and encourage them to think proactively about their health and the health of others.

To quote her nominators, “Michele is an innovative, creative and inspirational colleague. She has enhanced our assumptions about what we thought we knew about working with young men and encouraged us to think of things differently. I have watched her research different approaches to health promotion with young men and seen how her dedication and desire to positively impact young men’s health and well being have improved the quality of her work and the work of the agency.”

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