Michelle Webb

Michelle Webb

2018 Dedication Award - Nova Scotia/Halifax

Family SOS

Nominator Comments:

Michelle, who is a community member in the Greystone community, first
 demonstrated her commitment to Family SOS during her time volunteering 
in the Healthy Kidz program for 12-15 years. Due to her unwavering
commitment, we couldn’t help but ask her to join our staff in 2016.
 Since becoming an employee, Michelle has continued to exhibit such a
passion and belief in this organization. She shows up to work with a
positive attitude and the readiness for any challenge that comes her
 way. No matter what is going on in her life, you will constantly hear
her say “Family SOS comes first”. She is someone new staff, including
her own manager, frequently look to for guidance around common 
practices and procedures of the programs as she knows them inside and
out. Whether Michelle is sitting down 1-1 with a child who is having a
rough time and needs a listening ear; or is grabbing the pressure
 washer and spending 10 hours in 30-degree weather to make sure the
fence around our backyard is prepped and ready for a new coat of paint 
she is always the first person to jump in and lend a helping hand.
 Often in the summer, you will overhear Michelle organizing a huge game
of track down or a dance and BBQ in the basketball court to ensure all
of the children and youth in the community have something positive to
engage in once program ends. During the winter months, Michelle is
always quick to check if housing has shovelled and salted the areas
around our facility – if they have not, she will grab a shovel and
 salt to complete the task before the children arrive for program as
 she takes pride in their safety. She devotes her time and energy to
the community of Greystone and all of the programs at Family SOS – our
 organization truly would not be the same without her. Recently, many
 Syrian newcomers have moved to Greystone, which presumably would be a
tough transition. Michelle took the initiative to spend quality time
with some of these individuals to create an inviting environment and
 inspire the sense that Greystone is not just a community to them, but
 a place they can call home. She continues to look out for these
children and youth by regularly checking in and introducing herself to
their families. They are now aware that they have a long time
 community member who is willing to support them with whatever they 
need. Michelle’s efforts demonstrate an inspiration for diversity and 

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