Mike Little

2023 Invisible Champion Award - Nova Scotia/Halifax

Nominator Comments:

Mike has been a major collaborator in a new innovative project for persons with disabilities to start a new business in Nova Scotia called GO3D with TEAM Work Cooperative and Career Connections, Nova Scotia Works centres. He has provided leadership, knowledge, training, and significant time and effort making sure this demonstration project serves Nova Scotian’s facing barriers to employment gain re-entry to the labour market by starting their own business. He holds strong values and ethics that align with the organizations values and strategic plan to support people with barriers. It has been his life’s work to serve and contribute to helping other live more meaningful employment. Mike has been a pivotal in his role as Senior Business Coach to provide the team with knowledge, resources, and supports to maximize opportunities for new business owners. His previous business knowledge, along with his exceptional interpersonal skills and personal investment to supporting people with barriers, has been a measure of success for this project and our team. Soon expected to retire, Mike has served his community above and beyond standards of regular employee expectations.roles. Mike is a key connector in building relationships with employers and employees that are a match, and has transferred his skills and knowledge to helping new entrepreneurs who need an opportunity to re-connect and have support that meets people where they are in life.

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