Mulugeta Abai

2008 Innovation Award - Toronto

Canadian Centre for Victims of Torture

Nominator Comments:

Mulugeta is the Executive Director of CCVT, the Canadian Centre for Victims of Torture. He was among the most active members of the Canadian network for the integration and resettlement of refugees, particularly those uprooted from Asia, Africa, and Latin America. In the course of many years, Mulugeta has come up with multiple innovations towards resettlement and protection of children, women, men and seniors who were new to Ontario. He involved himself in education, networking, and direct services to the victims of human rights violations and has helped them to make Canada their home.

To quote his nominators, “Mulugeta has conducted an extensive research program on issues of torture, settlement, and family reunification of survivors. He is the founder and one of the editors of the CCVT quarterly journal, First Light. With his innovation, the CCVT acted as a founding member of the Canadian Centre for International Justice with the mandate of the prosecution of torturers and war criminals in Canada. This brave action will help all Ontarians to live in a safer and more secure atmosphere.”

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