Myrene Keating-Owen

2020 Invisible Champion (C) Award - Nova Scotia/Halifax

Executive Director

LEA Place Women’s Resource Centre

Nominator Comments:

While other service agencies were scaling back and/or shutting down, Myrene led the staff team at LEA Place to enable delivery of services.  She kept the lights on at the Centre and provided direct contact for women to access fax, copier, and pick up gift cards. Myrene took initiative to ensure safety of staff and women using the Centre.  Staff were enabled to work remotely and Myrene made sure that women could still send and receive documents via the Centre, as well as access our poverty relief support (gas/grocery cards).

The support Myrene provided for staff and users of the Centre exemplifies her commitment to helping women achieve the best possible outcomes in a given situation.  Staff were able to continue to work and provide services to women and were encouraged to come up with creative solutions and supports given that many other agencies were unavailable (Courts, Housing, Service Canada).

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