Naomi Ziegler

Naomi Ziegler

2009 Dedication Award - Toronto

The Bernard Betel Centre

Nominator Comments:

As a Coordinator of Volunteer Services at the Bernard Betel Centre, Naomi Ziegler is the heart of the agency’s success. She has energy, passion and drive and is committed to her work. She makes the Betel Centre a better place because of her efforts and strong dedication. During the last year Naomi was able to expand her department to over 450 active volunteers which allowed for the continuation and growth of important programs. Naomi is currently working to create an opportunity for people with special needs to volunteer at the centre.

To quote her nominators: “Naomi inspires all of us at the Betel Centre to work harder, be more passionate, and always remain dedicated to the people we serve. There is not a staff member at the Betel Centre who would not have gladly written this nomination. Lily Boltianski and Michael James are honoured to be the ones to have done it.”

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