Natalie Frederick-Wilson

2023 Invisible Champion Award - Nova Scotia/Halifax

Nominator Comments:

Natalie created and launched the CWB’s pilot program SPICE (specialized program in cooking entrepreneurship). She saw a gap with under-represented women during COVID. The CWB’s SPICE program will empower underrepresented women to create financial stability from their skills as cooks safely and within NS regulations. It provides them with not only the necessary training to become compliant with NS regulations, but also necessary working capital to launch their businesses. Please provide one example for the SECOND accomplishment you selected (max 150 words) Natalie has deepend the CWB’s connection to under-represented groups, especially during COVID. As a black-woman herself, Natalie has become our champion and has allowed us to better understand their needs as it pertains to business. This has allowed the CWB to build specific programming for under-represented women and understand why diversity is so important across our Team. Natalie meets women entrepreneurs from where they are – understands their challenges, and provides continuous feedback to the CWB Team on how we can make a difference in their entrepreneurial journey. The creation of SPICE was one program that not only addressed the needs of under-represented women in the food industry, but brought together many other organizations to work together to deliver, coach and fund the program (including NSCC, ACOA, MSVU, Perennia, NS Department of Agriculture, Atlantic Wholesalers, Big Erics). The women are also provided with professional services including legal and accounting. Though the SPICE program, women like Basma, can improve their economic situation, through participating in the SPICE program. With the support of SPICE one participant, was able to purchase a portable credit/debit machine and increased her food sales by not limiting sales to cash transactions.. Natalie has opened so many doors for under-represented women in NS. At the same time, she has done the same on MSVU campus for under-represented females through our RBC Alliance of Young Women Entrepreneurs program. These women, while taking their degrees, learned how to successfully launch side-hustles and upon graduation, many of them continued to build their businesses choosing entrepreneurship as a career path!

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