Nirpal Bhangoo

Nirpal Bhangoo

2016 Innovation Award - Peel

Punjabi Community Health Services

Nominator Comments:

Nirpal is an integral part of the innovative work being done at Punjabi Community Health Services. She personifies “above and beyond” efforts.

The Adopt a Baba/Bibi Campaign was the creative idea of our staff Nirpal Bhangoo. This is the third year that we have launched this program. Nirpal works as a Case Manager working with Frail seniors in the community. While working in the community she noticed that many of her clients did not have the necessary supplies/tools to live comfortably at home. We also have a Langar on Wheels Program (non-funded program that is similar to meals on wheels) This program helps provide hot fresh meals to Seniors 5 days a week. Nirpal understood the issues seniors were facing in the community with receiving healthy meals and having the necessary equipment at home. Nirpal was determined to help support her clients and thought of the Adopt a baba/bibi campaign. It has been running for three years by Nirpal Bhangoo and works on this campaign on top of her existing roles and responsibilities as a Case Manager. In 2014 Nirpal was able to support over 20 clients! In 2015 Nirpal was able to raise over 800$ that helped in purchasing supplies and our Langar on Wheels Program. Nirpal also received many donations for client supplies as well. These supplies have helped her clients as well at other clients in our Geriatrics Program at pchs. Nirpal’s commitment, determination and innovative idea has already helped many of our senior clients and will continue to do so every year. We are so proud of her and her accomplishments.

This campaign assisted in financially supporting our Langar on Wheels Program (similar to meals on wheels for South Asian clients) The funds raised helped provide fresh meals to frail seniors in the community. We were able to raise over 800 dollars this year to contribute to seniors supplies and our langar on wheels program.

This campaign encourages individuals to buy an item to donate (seniors supplies) or purchasing a kit made by the staff at pchs that includes 16 essential items. Examples:  bath mats, heating pads, raised toilet sets, canes, diabetic socks, cleaning supplies and much more.

Supports frail seniors without any support in the community who cannot afford essential items. Assists in helping provide hot meals to frail seniors 5 days a week. Prevents Seniors going to sleep hungry and/or ending up in the hospital. 

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