Pamela Eusebio-Romasanta

Pamela Eusebio-Romasanta

2017 Partnership Award - Greater Toronto

Manager of Disability Services

JVS Toronto

Nominator Comments:

Pamela joined JVS Toronto more than a decade ago and is passionate about her work helping people facing barriers find employment. She began as a member of the agency’s frontline staff and has since become a manager where she supports six programs that help clients with disabilities. Pamela is a true “change-maker” who recently played a key role in creating two community partnerships that are having a profoundly positive effect on clients, staff and the agencies she’s connected with. One example? A partnership with the Bob Rumball Centre for the Deaf, that will mean staff from both organizations will collaborate with, and learn from, each other. This includes the opportunity for JVS staff and clients to learn American Sign Language. This kind of win-win initiative, along with her dedication to improving disability programs and helping the people they’re designed for, is why Pamela is trusted and respected by everyone she meets.

From her nominators: “Pamela is a true team player at heart, and is always looking out for the best interests of not only her staff team and clients, but of the agency as well.”

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