Patricia Neves

Patricia Neves

2020 Invisible Champion (C) Award - Nova Scotia/Halifax

Acting Executive Director

NS Association for Community Living

Nominator Comments:

Patricia led NSACL’s Life Transitions program, a program that prepares high school students and recent grads with intellectual disabilities for the next phase of their life (post-secondary or workforce). This program was abruptly halted during COVID, however, Patricia not only recognized the importance of the program’s content but knew the positive the social impacts the group had on its participants. She quickly developed a plan so the program could continue virtually and NSACL secured a grant to purchase tablets for participants.

In the midst of a pandemic, when NSACL staff were still working remotely and health protocols were changing daily, Patricia accepted the position of Acting Executive Director. Without hesitation, she stepped into the role with confidence and conviction and began to lead the NSACL team, always with the organization’s values top of mind. Equality, dignity and respect are the values of NSACL. These are also Patricia’s guiding principles as she leads the team at NSACL. These are also the values she exhibits for all NSACL’s partner organizations, self-advocates and families.

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