Paul Chamberlain

Paul Chamberlain

2021 Culture Award - Greater Toronto

Nominator Comments:

Paul co-led an initiative to make the Toronto Enterprise Fund’s processes more accessible to organizations led by and serving the Black community. He developed the Black-focused Employment Social Enterprise (ESE) Idea Accelerator by reaching out internally and externally to Black leaders to understand barriers Black social entrepreneurs were facing, and how best to dismantle those barriers. Paul incorporated the feedback and suggestions from the consultation process, made new connections and relationships, and worked hard to incorporate equity into the redesign of the workshop and process.

Paul really went the extra mile on designing and co-delivering the Black-focused ESE Idea Accelerator, ensuring at every stage that the Black community in Peel, Toronto and York Region was engaged, heard, and accommodated. The Black-focused ESE Idea Accelerator was a success with 83 applications received across the region, and 20 accepted. Two Black social entrepreneurs, both based in Peel, received Catalyzing Grants to develop their ideas into reality. Feedback from the co-facilitator and Accelerator participants was universally positive, and through it we learned how best to adapt our processes, as well the key pieces that should remain unchanged.

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