Paul MacMillan

Paul MacMillan

2017 Dedication Award - Nova Scotia/Halifax

Boys & Girls Clubs of Greater Halifax

Nominator Comments:

Has volunteered to organize Running Club consistently once/week during the school year since 2014, ending each school year with a run in the Bluenose! 2. Connected us with Doctors of Nova Scotia Kids Run series, providing the kids with Running Logs, Running gear, and sponsored spots to run in the Bluenose 4k Youth Run. Runs actively with the kids every Wednesday and has other guests to run as well. 3. A huge promoter for running and active living, always positive and challenges the kids to do their best! 5. Optional: Share any additional comments you would like to offer to support this nomination. Paul has been a driving force with our Running Club here at the East Dartmouth site. Children who have participated strive to push their limits and enjoy it so much more than they originally thought. We owe so much to him!

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