Pegah Memarpour

Pegah Memarpour

2013 Innovation Award - York Region

Blue Door Shelters

Nominator Comments:

Contribute creative ideas to address issues within the scope of their job, department or organization: Pegah, the nominee, has always brought forth her open and creative mind set when working at Blue Door Shelters. By taking on different roles and tasks she has shown how her creativity can improve services and change the lives of clients and the agency. An example of this is the Recreational sport counselor position Pegah took on; she found creative and innovative ways to engage the clients in sport activities and recreational events, while on a minimal budget. She was able to promote healthy active living and community events in Newmarket for the youth and men housed at Blue Door Shelters. Her resourcefulness, inventiveness and originality proved to be highly beneficial for the clients and had taught them a positive way to approach healthy living and a positive lifestyle.

By putting forth creative and pleasurable ideas to make the youth shelter function more cohesively and be a more positive place to work and live. From improving and creating more functional job boards at the youth shelter that make it easier for clients to find appropriate jobs, to revamping the information boards, to decorating the house during Christmas – Pegah always finds fun and new ways to improve the youth shelter.

With a positive attitude, Pegah approaches all the challenges, issues, and changes of the agency with a solution oriented mind set. When working with in social services there are many changes and adjustments to policies, procedures, programs, and funding. Thus, unfortunately at times agencies and staff have had to remove programs or services they provide. However, Pegah always provides creative solutions that allow for an easier transition into the changes.

The effort, care and constructive way in which Pegah chooses to run programs at the youth shelter take an extra bit of effort, but it creates a different and positive experience for the clients she works with. During Valentine’s day she will cut up little heart cards and hand them out to everyone with a little lollipop. Though these efforts seem small they do not go unnoticed, and they make the clients feel as though the shelter is a positive atmosphere that will show them kindness and go the extra step to see them have a brighter day.

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