Public Good Society of Dartmouth

Public Good Society of Dartmouth

2020 Invisible Champion Award - Nova Scotia/Halifax

Nominator Comments:

The GEO Project was developed in direct response to the pandemic lock-down in March. It was apparent that individuals who did not have home internet access were being excluded from critical information, services, and connections that most of us take for granted. Before long, it became clear that the need for home internet access was not going to go away, even after the pandemic is over. Nothing like the GEO Project exists in Nova Scotia, or anywhere else to our knowledge.

By providing home internet access, computers, webcams, and even headsets, the GEO Project is literally giving people what they need to access invaluable services and supports that are available online. Some clients have school-aged children who can now access online resources like their peers. One client can now rejoin Halifax Humanities, another can teach ESL for ISANS again. Clients are able to see their workers face-to-face over zoom instead of over the phone

GEO is opening the door to them and many other local, national, and international resources. Social connections are being made and reinforced

The GEO Project is founded on partnership and collaboration. The Public Good Society, in concert with several other organizations, moved quickly to create a network of partners to provide internet service to homes that can’t afford it, including hardware when required. This is a challenge faced by thousands of households in Nova Scotia. To develop a framework that can respond to that challenge and leverage the knowledge and relationships of community partners is very exciting and something all participants are proud of. Receiving this award means more people can be helped, and perhaps more importantly, it can help raise awareness of the critical need for people to be connected, here and across the province

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