Radha Krishnan

Radha Krishnan

2010 M-B Award - Greater Toronto

Leadership Award

Nominator Comments:

Radha is nominated for being a strong leader who is focused on providing the highest level of support and service to those around him. Radha takes an inclusive approach and ensures everyone involved is engaged and motivated to work together.

As a very strong technical leader, it can be intimidating to work with someone who is so knowledgeable but Radha creates a safe place for both ‘techies and non-techies’. He takes a client-focused approach to help you understand the issues, explains it in a manner that encourages discussion and creative solutions. He never makes you feel insecure and his explanations have no judgment or blame. He genuinely wants to help you understand and will do whatever it takes to get you there.

He is noted for remaining calm under pressure and when emergencies arise he ensures that no one goes into panic mode while leading the team to a solution —making sure that arriving to a solution is team based, inclusive and collaborative.

At every turn he creates a safe environment where his team and those around him can grow and be creative. Radha trusts his team and their capabilities and his reassuring demeanor has created an atmosphere where no question should go unasked and debate is encouraged. His staff feel that they can go to him for any issue even to tell him that they believe he is wrong! His staff have full confidence in knowing that anything personal that is disclosed to him will be kept private.

To quote his nominators: “It’s been incredible for us. We’ve learned so much. When you are given control of a project, you feel empowered and that you own the project’.

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