Ready, Set, Go! Kindergarten Readiness Program Team

Ready, Set, Go! Kindergarten Readiness Program Team

2011 Team Achievement Award - Toronto

Aisling Discoveries Child and Family Centre

Nominator Comments:

The Ready, Set, Go! Kindergarten Readiness Program (RSG) team is comprised of 15 staff members from five programs across the agency. Each year they come together for six weeks to deliver a kindergarten readiness program to children entering junior kindergarten (JK) and their families in priority communities in Scarborough. Each member of the team assists in delivering the program within selected schools over a given period. Team members work together with either the parents, JK children or the siblings to deliver the program. The team crosses multiple disciplines including counselling, day treatment, child care consultation, and community support services. The basic principles of team work are demonstrated in the strength of this diverse team’s ability to come together quickly, work effectively and deliver the program with extreme professionalism. Team members rearrange their workloads to accommodate this project and do so with enthusiasm. Most have been members of the team for over 15 years. This summer, in partnership with the Toronto District School Board, over 600 JK children, parents and siblings participated in the RSG in 10 schools across Scarborough. This is a significant contribution to both the agency and the families it serves.

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