Riverview Home Corporation

2023 Invisible Champion Award - Nova Scotia/Halifax

Nominator Comments:

The fundraising to support transportation/transit provision for people with disabilities to be able to make choices about where they live and work and visit. Without this support, people could not travel to where they wish, could not visit friends or participate in community. This work changes lives. Art and music are important to people, especially those with communication or social involvement challenges, and the RHVA funds music and art therapy for people with challenges. To see people develop skills, share joy with others and make friends is incredible and to see people gain confidence and perform and enjoy their achievement is awesome. This year the RHVA has raised funds to rent a cottage by the sea so people disadvantaged by their circumstances can enjoy a vacation with friends and widen their experiences. The cottage is fully accessible and so everyone can spend a day, an evening or multiple days, enjoying fresh experiences. This year, more than 80 people will benefit from this resource over two weeks in July. Friends and family can enjoy their loved ones in a relaxed and constructive environment. Just an awesome volunteer group, dedicated to creating inclusion, community and self worth. This is what makes our community special and this group epitomizes what’s best

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