Rob Casey

Rob Casey

2022 Invisible Champion Award - Nova Scotia/Halifax

TEAM Work Cooperative

Nominator Comments:

Rob supports people with barriers to employment to help match them with an employer. He spends time getting to know clients, understanding their skills and abilities and what area they would like to work in. He’s also constantly networking with employers, helping them understand the benefits of hiring inclusively and supporting the client to be successful in their new role. Rob is cheerful and enthusiastic about his work and does everything he can to make sure barriers don’t stand in the way of employment. Rob is well-loved by his clients and respected by employers, and his work has led to many more inclusive workplaces!

Rob is energetic, enthusiastic, and always has a smile on his face. t. Rob also goes the extra mile to find funding and money for people who have few or no extra funds to even take the bus to a job interview. I’ve seen Rob spend his own money to help a client get to work.

Rob and I were working with a group of people who have post-secondary degrees and weren’t able to connect to employment because of their disabilities. One of the humans was interested in a medical administration position. Rob found a start up organization that had this new position that was a match for our client. Rob followed up numerous times until the employer finally met with him. The employer was skeptical about hiring a person with a disability. Rob showed him the benefits and introduced our client to the employer. The first few weeks were tough for our client. Rob reassured them that it would work out, guided and

supported the client. This was 8 months ago. A few days ago, we got an email from our client telling us that they got a raise and a promotion and that their boss is happy, is more inclusive and supportive. A win for both humans and the organization. Rob educated and supported the employer and our client, which made all of this happen!

Rob is a champion for inclusion for all people. He’s the first one to make you smile, he’s kind, respectful and goes above and

beyond, even into his family time, to help others. He is also very humble.

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