Rosario Pascua

Rosario Pascua

2010 M-B Award - Greater Toronto

Dedication Award

Nominator Comments:

Nominated for her commitment to her work, the agencies she supports and the volunteers she interacts with.

As a Community Investment Manager, Rosario advocates on behalf of agencies and is always thinking of new ways to support them. She has a strong desire to offer UW the highest level of professional commitment and gives more than 100% in all that she does. She is always the first to volunteer for additional projects and responsibilities — despite her heavy workload. Some of her major projects include the Online Funding System development and implementation, Hub development, performance criteria/submission, CI manager roles, community development planning grants and newcomer strategy. Rosario is committed to improving UWT processes and strengthening the capacities of agencies. She is well-respected by her colleagues who are inspired by her tremendous efforts and hard work.

To quote her nominators: “Rosario’s quiet ways of giving and sharing her knowledge and expertise have made her a force in the team. The quality and comprehensiveness of the work she produces is in a league of its own – she demonstrates UWT’s mission and values every day. ”

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